Cauliflower three cheese soup

September to January is peak Cauliflower season, so it’s time to dust off those great cauliflower recipes. I love using cauliflower in a good curry, or simply roasting it in the oven, spicing it up with a tahini and olive oil dressing.

This tasty soup is thick and creamy when eaten on a grey autumn’s day, like today. A thinner version with a little more water is very light and refreshing when served cold, during the hot summer months. It’s very simple to prepare and makes a great starter. Because of the anchovies the soup does contain fish, so it´s not vegetarian.


2 small or 1 large Cauliflower

4 small potatoes

80g Camembert

80g goat’s cheese

80g Stilton

200ml cream

4 fillets of anchovy

hot sauce

Peel and half the potatoes and add them and the cauliflower florets to a saucepan. Cover in hot water, once boiling bring down the heat to a simmer, until the vegetables are cooked. Remove from the heat, add the cream, cheeses and anchovies and season to taste. I usually add a few dashes of hot sauce to pep it up a bit. Blend thoroughly in a blender, making sure there are no bits. Serve is a tall glass with one of our Bread sticks.

** photos by Maia Horniak