Mango, salmon, coriander and ginger salad


2 salmon fillets

Soy sauce

1 courgette

1 mango

2 small red peppers

50g cashew nut, roughly chopped

Black sesame seeds

Ginger, 1 thumb sized piece



Fish sauce

Yuzu juice

Sesame oil

spring roll dipping sauce

hot sauce

Marinade the salmon for a couple of hours in soy sauce. Cook in a pan on medium heat for a minute or 2 each side, so the salmon is still pink inside. Break the fish into flakes and place on a plate to cool down.

Meanwhile prepare the vegetables. Julienne the peppers and ginger. Using a Spiralizer make faux noodles from the courgette.

Sautée the peppers in a pan on medium heat, after a couple of minutes add the courgette. Add the ginger and tip out onto a plate to cool.

Char´s tip – Only cook the vegetables for a few minutes, otherwise the salad goes a bit slimy. You want them to keep their texture.

Once the ingredients are cold, mix the vegetables, cashew nuts, mint and coriander leaves in a bowl. Slice the mango and add this to the salad. Top with salmon flakes and black sesame seeds.

For the dressing, combine equal parts of fish sauce, yuzu juice, sesame oil and spring roll dipping sauce. Add a glug or 2 or hot sauce to add a bit of heat. This salad turned out to be a bit sweet, it would be better using a mango that was not so ripe.