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  1. Dick says:

    Merry Christmas char and partner. And a happy new year
    Chris and Dick. (Oxford)


    1. Dick and Chris! Merry Christmas to you both, we hope you have a good one. I just told Sim all about fond memories of our traditional drink on Christmas eve (which has been going since my childhood). We will raise a glass to Colin this year, god rest his soul xx


  2. Barbara Barraclough says:

    Merry Christmas Char and Sim! I love your blog!


    1. Merry Christmas Barb and Dale, we hope you have a great one in Canada, love to your family. Thanks! You were one of my first followers Barb, it all started because of that lovely Maple Syrup you bought us!


  3. Cynthia Holland says:

    Merry Christmas to you all. Enjoy good healthy eating……especially the smoked salmon you did!


    1. Thanks and Merry Christmas to you! The salmon went down a treat 😎


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