Living with a restauranteur and chef can have it´s high and low moments! There´s something about having a professional pair of eyes, evaluating your every move in the kitchen. Here is Pescetarian Pleasures´ guide to success, if you´re thinking of shacking up with a chef….

  1. Do save every glass jar that you come across, you might need it for….something!
  2. Don’t ever throw away prawn heads, they make great stock or seafood sauce.
  3. Do raise your plate presentation game, the expectations are high.
  4. Don’t abuse the knives, they are sacred and should be respected.
  5. Do taste everything with your eyes closed…(it’s the only way).
  6. Don’t leave a metal spoon sticking out of a boiling saucepan.
  7. Always keep the worktop clean and tidy; ready for inspection.
  8. Don´t expect Molecular Gastronomy at home, there will be instant noodles or a fish finger sandwich (if you are lucky).
  9. Do freeze that one brown banana, eventually you´ll have enough for a banana loaf.
  10. Don’t leave the Tupperware cupboard in a state of disarray, or else!
  11. Do say ‘YES CHEF’, even when they’re wrong.
  12. Never ask what’s for dinner; they won´t know!