HAPPY NEW YEAR! From Char @ Pescetarian Pleasures


2016 was an interesting year, to say the least! On a personal note it was great, because I finally started Pescetarian Pleasures, which I´ve wanted to do for years. But looking at the bigger picture, it wasn´t quite so fantastic. I´m not going to talk politics here (it´s a food blog!) but we all know there have been some shocking things happening out there in the world. So all I can say is….Goodbye 2016.

We welcome 2017

…with the warm, fuzzy feelings of optimism, that often come with a new year. I want to share with you guys 3 goals for Pescetarian Pleasures in 2017….

  1. Post regularly on Saturday (in case you need some weekend cooking inspiration) and occasionally on Wednesday (as a mid-week pick me up).
  2. I´m really interested in the amazing health benefits of fermented foods, so I´m going to find out more about them, how to make them and create dishes using them.
  3. Focus more on produce that´s in season, right now. As well as fruit and veg being seasonal, fish and seafood is too. Because supermarkets stock several types of fish all year round (due to customer demand) people have lost sight of the fact that fish are seasonal things. Buying and cooking fish when it´s in abundance is much cheaper and much better for fish stocks.


There is also another really exciting project in the pipeline, but I will keep that under wraps until it´s been tried and tested. I don´t want to overload you good people on the first day of the year (otherwise the rest of 2017 might be a little anti climatic, and no one wants that)!

We´re only 3 months into the blog and I´m already dizzy with excitement about what is to come. For you guys following me from the beginning, it´s as much about what you want to see, as what I want to do. Which leads me to question time…

  • Is there anything you´d like to see more of from Pescetarian Pleasures?
  • What are your food aspirations or resolutions for 2017?

Get in touch, I´d love to hear from you! For me, I want to eat at more of the many Michelin star restaurants here in Cataluña. I hope to learn lots of new dishes. And I aim to focus more on the health aspect of what I feed my body…

¨You are what you eat, so don´t be fast, cheap, easy or fake¨

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2017, filled with great meals and fine foods!

Peace and love,

From Char x


5 Comments Add yours

  1. VP3 says:

    Thank you for such an inspirational and honest introduction to 2017! Looking forward to your recipes.
    P.s tried your shallots recipe as part of our Christmas day roast…. They were superb…. So successful with all the family…. Delicious!


    1. Thank you! I’m glad the family enjoyed the shallots. Happy New Year to you VP3!


  2. Cynthia says:

    Happy New Year Pescetarianpleasures! Will watch the blog with interest to see if you achieve your goals. Very best wishes and stay true to your foodie self!


    1. Happy New Year to you too! Lots more to come in 2017 😎



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