Pescetarian Pleasures

Blogging & Content Marketing – a Shaw Academy course review

What was my experience like completing the Blogging & Content Marketing course online with Shaw Academy? Read my review to find out…

I´ve enjoyed sharing my food journey with you guys so much, I´ve been thinking about how to take Pescetarian Pleasures to the next level (and turn what is a hobby into a longer term project). Your feedback so far has been pretty positive, so I´d like to build on that and grow the Pescetarian Pleasures brand.

A good friend and business mentor Naz from Midas Touch Training gave me a subscription to a Blogging & Content Marketing Course at Shaw Academy for Christmas. What a fantastic present! Big love to Naz for being so thoughtful, as always.

I´d never heard of Shaw Academy before and after a quick bit of research online, I was pretty impressed by what they offer. They claim to be the largest online educators on the planet and after completing the course, I can see why!

The course is broken down to eight 1 hour sessions spread over 4 weeks, where you log in to a Webinar online at a fixed time. Each week guides you through the basics of what you need to know to run a successful blog. The host/educator is David Howard and he obviously knows his stuff! He´s very clear and concise while guiding you through the information, managing to deal with live students questions, effectively and seamlessly! An hour of someone talking to you could be a bit boring, but it´s all done with a touch of humour, which is great. The presentation slides are very thorough and we did a live blog review at the end of each session, which was really useful.

I was so excited to begin the course, I clicked the log in link, almost an hour ahead of the allotted time. What a looser!! I sat there with my notepad and pen lined up anxiously waiting, like it was the first day of school. David´s voice eventually came though, to do a sound check. I could hear him, exciting stuff! Then when the session finally started (exactly on time by the way) there was a glitch and the sound kept cutting out. It was pretty frustrating and I gave up after about 20 minutes. I contacted Shaw Academy to tell them I´d had problems and they were great. In their defence they received 3 times the usual number attendees that session, hence the technical problems. But they repeated the lesson the following day and after that there were no more issues. Amazing! Apart from this minor false start, the experience of the course has been fantastic. We covered a range of topics, which are all relevant and needed when trying to run a successful blog.

I have learned a lot in this month and can´t wait to put some of it into practice. Let´s see if you notice any difference in the posts going forward. They suggested that weekends are very busy times to post; my new posts will now be published on Thursday instead of Saturday (sorry for chopping and changing guys).

For me, the most important thing which came out of the course is how to get your message heard in the busy/loud world online. Reader interaction is very important, as well as creating a buzz on social media. As always, feel free to comment and share my posts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to help me spread the word!

P.S. Pescetarian Pleasures will be back next Thursday, with the usual tempting recipe post! Stay tuned people.

P.P.S. This review was not sponsored by Shaw Academy (but if they do want to sponsor me, I´m sure something can be arranged)!