Blood orange coulis

This post is a bit of a nod to my love of this fine fruit, the blood orange! I´m always super excited when they come into season, forgetting about how great they taste, they are just so damn good to look at! The deep crimson colour that seems to seep through to the outer peel, is even more enticing when you cut into it! See below, even the waste (the peel) is beautiful in it´s own right!

Lets talk about the flavour for a bit. Blood oranges have their own distinct flavour. Much sweeter than a regular orange, they have less of the sharp acidity of some of their citrus cousins (opposite end of scale to lemon or grapefruit). They truly are a wonderful thing!

Every year I make a big batch of blood orange coulis so drizzle over my desserts, yoghurt or breakfast cereal. It tastes great generously poured over buttered crumpets….but I´m digressing! You can use this for anything sweet really, I made this batch to drizzle over my recipe for Pavlova.

The general rule is to weigh the amount of juice you extract from the oranges, and add half the amount of sugar. Since they are quite sweet naturally I only use a third of the weight of sugar to juice.

Heat the juice and sugar for roughly 20 mins. When it starts to thicken I whisk in 2 tsp of cornflour, turn off the heat, and leave it to cool. Once cool, tip into a squeezy bottle (or jar or tub) and refrigerate until needed.