Pescetarian Pleasures

Pescetarian Pleasures Launch Event

I´m so excited still, I feel like I could fly! Saturday 4th March we held a Pescetarian Pleasures launch night at El Casal Cafe, to celebrate the start of my great food adventure!

There were art installations on the night from the talented artist Lisa Rubin. She decorated the tables with a series of collages, all in keeping with the fish/fruits de mer/nautical theme. 

Guests were welcomed with a glass of cava, from our favourite independent producers in Sant Sadurní. There was a little time to check out the collages and personalised place mats.

I took a few moments at the start of the night to explain the menu to our guests.

We laid on a 5 course seafood extravaganza, a true Pescetarian´s Pleasure! To start, we served a seafood bisque. This had an intense seafood flavour and was pepped up with lots of lemongrass and kafir lime too!

Next came the degustación of oysters. We imported oysters from 3 different growers in Normandy, which is arguably home to some of the best oysters in the world!

It´s fair to say, they slipped down really easily! They had been plucked out of the sea only a couple of days before, so were super fresh.

The degustatión of oysters was fun and we asked our guests for their feedback at the end of the evening.

As each oyster is grown in a different location, their flesh had slightly different quality, one was saltier, one firmer, etc etc.

Our connoisseurs had no problems differentiating between them!

Next came the hugely popular course of Steamed mussels in cream & cider sauce. Everyone´s favourite!

Then on to the main course, which was Sea bass papillote with a sweet potato gratin.

The sweet treat at the end of the night was Pavlova, classic, fresh and light, topped with seasonal fruits!

With everyone happily fed and watered it was time to bring out the rum I´d macerated with fruit. One was with pomegranate and the other (my firm favourite) passionfruit.

These bottles didn´t last very long!

It was so exciting serving 5 courses of my food and drinks to a room full of lovely people. We hope that this will be the first of many pop-up food events, here in Barcelona. Cooking for and hosting so many people was a real buzz!

All fantastic photos by Thomas Lefebvre