Pescetarian Pleasures

Being Pescetarian – 9 top tips for getting enough protein!

They say that becoming pescetarian can seriously improve your health! Being quite health conscious, I´m always aware getting enough protein in my diet. Protein is essential to build and repair tissue all over the body, including muscle, hair and nails. In fact every cell in the body contains protein, which is why it´s so important!

Between fish, seafood, pulses, nuts, seeds and dairy products there are plenty of options for the pescetarian. As long as you are aware of incorporating it into your meals, there is no reason to miss meat at all. Some people talk of struggling to hit the RDA (recommended daily allowance) of protein (50g for an adult according to the British government). The great thing for a pescetarian is that fish and seafood contain a high proportion of protein, which makes reaching your RDA much easier. For example…

But knowing that most people don´t eat fish or seafood every day, we have to look at other sources of protein to consume. I support balanced, healthy diet and many years ago I drastically reduced the amount of rice and pasta I eat. Replacing rice with quinoa (full of vitamins, fiber, antioxidents and in itself protein rich) was a great help. I also made sure that if I am not eating fish or seafood, that my meal contains a good handful of seeds, cheese, tofu or eggs. This always helps to hit the target.

One big positive about eating a lot of protein is that it keeps you feeling sated (full) for longer, therefore decreasing hunger (in theory). Although it seems like I can always eat, at any time of the day! Compared to eating a carbohydrate rich diet  which can give you an energy spike, then crash, eating high protein should keep you going for longer. Some studies suggest people on high protein diets, consume around 200 calories a day less than others.

I don´t follow any diet or strict eating plan (which for me can suck all of the joy out of eating). But I do encourage being aware of eating enough protein.

Here are my 9 top tips for getting enough protein….