6 of the best Pescetarian Pleasure´s posts – from the first 6 months! – Pescetarian Pleasures

It´s totally nuts, but it´s been 6 months since I started Pescetarian Pleasures! And what a great 6 months it´s been! I hope you can tell, I really enjoy writing the blog, now even more than ever. I wanted to thank all of my followers, I hope you have got as much out of it as I have.

Incase you missed any of them, here are the 6 most popular posts so far….


Pescetarian Pleasures meets foodie entrepreneurs ´Bear on Bike´


The Joys of fish! Why become Pescetarian?


Blogging & Content Marketing – a Shaw Academy course review


Festive mince pies


Chasing heat! Char´s Sweet ´n´ Smoky Chipotle Salsa


Why Pescetarian Pleasures?

I hope you enjoyed the recap!