BCN Hungry MAMAS! – Pescetarian Pleasures

So, for my avid readers it´ll be obvious that there has been a long time of radio silence.

I felt very guilty about that, but I had good reason. I had a wonderful baby some months ago. Yeahhhh! Growing a baby is a strange thing. Almost as soon as I fell pregnant I totally went off cooking. The smells of cooking fish particularly, made me feel quite ill (a little ironic for someone who was writing a pescetarian food blog)! Anyway, I´m back to ´normal´ now and back in the kitchen with my new venture BCN Hungry MAMAS. It´s a Healthy, Friday lunch club for mums on the run!

It´s for those too busy being a new mum to find the time to eat properly. Those feeling run down and need a health boost and those who have gone off cooking in pregnancy. Mums come to enjoy a nutritious, tasty meal, with food to take away.

We serve fresh, healthy, vegetarian food all homemade from scratch, using nuts, seeds, pulses and cheese as a protein boost. Some of the recipes will feature on this blog (when the little one allows me the time to write them up). So watch this space for some exciting new recipes (less frequent than before sadly). And please like, share and follow our Facebook page….