Why Pescetarian Pleasures? – Pescetarian Pleasures

I started Pescetarian Pleasures (food blog) a month ago now and I´m already loving it! I´ve been asked a couple of times ¨what´s the point?¨ and more importantly ¨what do I hope to get out of it?¨ Here are the 3 main goals for the blog….

  1. To connect with a community of food lovers all over the world (and in the wonderful city of Barcelona). Already readers are sending me photos of their own creations, based on my recipes. Fantastic!
  2. PTP – Practice, Tweak and Perfect 2 tasty, healthy and easy pescetarian dishes every week. High quality, seasonal and sustainable ingredients are key to my recipes. I´d like to inspire people to cook dishes (using ingredients) that they might not have tried otherwise. If you do try out a dish, please leave a comment with things you did or didn’t like about the recipe.
  3. Travel with more focus. The food I´m going to eat, already dictates my travel and holiday destinations. I used to dream of being a travel food writer, what better job is there, than being paid to travel and eat your way around the world? The blog is a great excuse to combine two of my first loves in life (food and travelling)!

If it achieves these things, Pesceterian Pleasures will be a success. I´d love you to follow me on my food journey. But if it´s not your cup of tea no worries, you can unsubscribe at any time! Not everyone wants fresh, appetizing meal suggestions delivered to their inbox every week.