Are you one of those ‘live to eat’ people or do you ‘eat to live’? If you were an ‘eat to live’ person I guess you wouldn’t be reading a food blog, right? My uncle is an ‘eat to live’ type, this used to cause cousin Jason and I so much distress, walking up and down Upper Street in London making suggestions. Lebanese? No. Thai? No. Ethiopian. No. Italian? No! Nothing was ever quite what he fancied. Total buzzkill!

I am without doubt a ‘live to eat’ person, far too much of my day is spent thinking about what I had for dinner last night, or planning what I’m going to cook tomorrow. It takes up about 60% of my brain capacity, I love it and I’m hooked!

With my other half being a chef, food is very important in our household. So whenever we  travel it has to be to a place we know we can find lots of great food. If a country is widely talked about as having poor cuisine, we give it a miss. Like the Philippines, lots of people say it’s a fabulous place, but that the food sucks. We did, however, make an exception for Cuba.

Here are some of our travels, where we discovered some exciting culinary treats….


Hear about 12 days in Vietnam and getting caught trying to smuggle fish sauce off the island of Phú Quốc.


Eat some barbecued Oysters in Normandy


Cook a Prawn and asparagus Paella in the countryside in Vinaixa.


Learn to make a Raclette on a Retreat to Sarnac